Our Beliefs


We would like for you to make a comparison of the church and the one described in detail in the Bible. We believe you will find that this church is not just similar to but is identical in every way to the church you read about in the New Testament. This is not an exclusive or wealthy church. Everything about it is very simple and it is not its purpose to feed vanity and pride with display of vain things. It is not its aim to entertain those who attend its worship services. It exists as a simple New Testament body, pointing those from the quiet depths of their hearts to reach out to God through simple worship and obedient living. Here may the sorrowful enter and be comforted; may the tired and tempted souls find strength for the battle of life; may the aged find solace and the young find inspiration; and to he who seeks to serve his fellow man be given a noble place and task. In Jesus our Lord!